Providing Water Quality Services to the Building Services Industry for over 20 Years


Thomson Environmental Services Ltd has been providing Water Treatment Products & Services to the Building Services Industry for well over 20 years. The Company was originally formed as a private limited Company in 1993 and continues to provide many of the same products & services, some of these to the same customers, to this day.

The Company operates mainly within the London area, but can also operate on a National and International basis.

Our offices are located on the world famous Surrey Research Park in Guildford, where we have been based for over fifteen years.

The Company aims to provide products & services of the very highest standard, in some of the more challenging & specialised areas of the `Built-Environment`. We provide building owners, managers, engineers, maintenance staff and `the responsible person` with all the necessary products & services, that enable them to comply with the ever-increasing demands of water compliance within the building services industry. Our services are highly personalised & tailored to fit our customer’s requirements, whilst also complying with the current Guidelines.

Essentially, the Company provides Health & Safety Services related to the use of water stored and used within buildings. Our works are primarily concerned with the prevention and removal of Legionella Bacteria, although we also engage in other activities related to the use and transportation of water.

Our primary areas of focus are Health Care, NHS Trusts & Private Hospitals, Commerical Premises/Offices, Local Government Offices, Managed Residential Blocks, Hotels & Teaching/Higher Educational Establishments.


Thomson Environmental Services Limited
40 Occam Road
Surrey Research Park

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Water management contracts:

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Thomson Environmental Services can provide the complete spectrum of water treatment services.

This includes:-

  • Legionellosis Risk Assessment.
  • Water Hygiene Contracts.
  • Water Hygiene Disinfection/Chlorination & Full Certification.
  • Legionella & Bacteriological Sampling and Analysis.
  • Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Equipment and Maintenance.
  • Water Hygiene Audit.
  • Water Softening Plant.
  • Acid Descales of Heat transfer surfaces i.e Calorifiers, Condensers & Cooling Towers.
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Analysis.
  • Pump Repair Service & Maintenance.
  • Cooling Tower Dosing Equipment and Analysis.
  • Client On-line Web Portals/Log Book.
  • Closed System Flushing, Dosing and Analysis.
  • Pre-commission cleaning, flushing and chlorination.
  • Source Identification Analysis.
  • Water Tank Replacement, Upgrade, Removal, Re-location, Installation & Maintenance.
  • Commercial Plumbing.
  • General Water Quality Analysis.
  • Deposit Analysis.
  • Drawings/Schematics of system layout.
  • Temperature Profiling, Sentinel Logging and TMV Service & Repair.

Thomson Enironmental Services are able to carry out works as a `one- off` or as part of a contract. The Company is familiar with all the relevant guidelines and is able to offer advice on compliance related issues and how any such contracts should be drawn-up.

The Company does not `sub-contract` its works and is able to offer all its services `in-house`. Our staff are fully trained and most have a number of years experience within the Company. Our engineers have the necessary plumbing qualifications and our surveyors are normally educated to Degree standard.

The Company itself is a member of various trade bodies and holds the necessary qualifications/certifications that are required to carry out this type of work.