The recommended and logical starting point for most customers is a Legionellosis Risk Assessment.

The Legionellosis Risk Assessment is a required document for all sites, so by carrying out the risk assessment first, clients are both complying with Health & Safety Law and also being provided with a plan for future action i.e. the details of any remedial works required and if required, the structure and content of a water hygiene contract.

A Risk Assessment takes a detailed `snap-shot` of all the risks associated with the site and itemises recommended actions for reducing that risk.  The report examines the condition & layout of plant used to store and transport water, the current operating and maintenance procedures and cross-references the findings against current recommendations in the Guidelines.  Any highlighted non-conformities form part of the recommendations in the report.  The recommendations are clearly detailed in such a manner as to provide a working document for future actions.

Our method of Risk Assessment incorporates a numerical scoring system.  Although not specified in the guidelines which recommend minimum requirements,  our scoring system does enable prioritisation of the various remedial actions highlighted in the report.   This can be important when considering the time-scales of works involved and also when working within strict budgetary frameworks.  For these reasons, our assessments provide our customers with improved , complete & more functional reports.

Thomson also carry out audits of water treatment/hygiene programs.    The term used here, as in accountancy, denotes inspection by an independent body.  For instance, a customer may have procedures in place but for a multitude of reasons, may wish to know that the required standards are being met.  In such cases, Thomson are able to act as the independent body, inspect the procedures, highlight possible areas of improvement and provide recommendations for the customer.

The local water authority has duties upto & including the mains stop-cock.  Thereafter, it’s the customer’s responsibity to maintain water to the required standard .  Thomson are able to provide advice & consultancy on most matters related to water quality.  Generally speaking, if a Thomson Water Hygiene Contract is in place, this advice will be included as part of the contract.  However, all contracts clearly stipulate those areas that Thomson are responsible for and those that they are not.  Thomson contracts also detail the various actions that will be  undertaken and when these will take place.